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Sample and Comments

"You did a fantastic job Tony"

Here, if you click the picture, is a link to a video commercial I narrated. The customer was very impressed. "Oh my Freaking god. This is awesome! You went a completely different direction than I would have, and I'm glad you did. It fits the book perfectly. You do amazing work. You have a customer for life."

 Sally said to me. "You did a fantastic Job Tony, it fit the mood perfectly." 




Available For Bookings

Undeniable talent and passion.
Tony has been a performer since childhood and has 
a lifetime of stage, screen and microphone experience.

A finely Tuned Product.
With thousands of hours of performing,  Recording, editing and mastering experience, you can harness this passion to guarantee the success of your project.

An Open Approach.
Everything is a negotiation. Audio work is no exception. Tony is Willing to work within your budget or provide a more tailor made solution to cater to you needs.

Humble at heart.
Tony isn't interested in feelings. (within reason) 
Accurately performing to your requirements is the sole purpose of TonyPartonVoice. Your direction is law for this performer.


Recording Specifics.

I Proudly use Reaper. It's an exquisite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with Various plug ins and after market purchases all working together to create something Beautiful for you. The majority of my plugins are from Waves because I love their products. I love them and they are some of best guys in the business! 

   Here is a link to get you a 10% off coupon and its my way to say thank you to waves for all that they have done to help out my processing. 

   Seriously, If you are spending 3-6 hours editing and mastering a one hour sample, and we all start there. With waves plug ins and Reapers FX button, you can have most of the mastering actually done, before you even press the record button. This means you have more time to rehearse and give your client the absolute best you can give them!


  My Microphone is a Rode NT1-A. A Phenomenal instrument with nearly all of the capacities of some of the more expensive options.


  I Use a Scarlet 2I2 interface. and use aftermarket upgraded leads, containing gold, to convey a crisp signal to my windows laptop.


My headphones are Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm. I would live wearing them if I could.


 And I use my Ears, eyes, voice and body as tools of my trade. 


  I'm not the fastest. I'm looking for precision, however (dependent upon density of material requested and research necessary) I aim to have an hour long recording, to you within 72 hours. This is an engineers estimate. So I add 68 hours to my actual target time in case of difficulties and because I don't want to risk letting you down.


  I can give you your finished project within 48 hours in most cases.


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Contact deet's

Telephone: +44 7899 495023 

 Please leave an answerphone message. My phone is kept religiously silent and doesn't vibrate. There can be no distractions from your projects. I will get back to you as quickly as possible, or alternatively please use the email address or message board provided. Thank you.


Thank you to 1&1


I want to say a big thank you, to the guys at 1&1 for bringing us IONUS. In 2 hours I was able to get a cup of tea, talk with two of my neighbours, discuss a wifi outage with my Landlord, contact a couple of friends via my phone and build this beautiful website with my own domain name. I have never built a professional website before in my life. So click on the IONUS Photo just left of here and you can build something beautiful, professional and versatile too.

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